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Arabica Coffee Beans
Waverly s uses only the finest beans available. Arabica coffee was the earliest cultivated species of coffee and it is considered by most to be superior. It is generally milder and more flavorful than Robusta beans which tend to be harsher. Commercial coffee companies typically use Robusta beans for both drip and instant coffees. Waverly s uses a specialty importer to assure that the finest new crop beans are purchased. Our importer buys from estate growers within a region to provide more consistent green beans than buying from different growers from a region. Our importers are committed to the families and communities of the growing regions. At Waverly s we deliver the freshest coffee available and that starts with the highest quality beans.
Waverly’s uses the latest technology with our state of the art drum roaster. We roast in small batches to assure that the roast is consistently superior. Green bean roasting varies greatly from region to region according to density and other factors. At Waverly’s we have developed an individual profile for each region’s coffee. We then blend the roasted beans and deliver the finest taste in town!

Keeping it Fresh
At Waverly s we believe that freshness is a key ingredient to pouring the perfect cup. We first package the coffee immediately after cooling, in an airtight sealed bag with a one way valve. The use of a breather valve helps keep oxygen out, expel CO2 and acts as a temperature control. Coffee is best at 24 to 36 hours after the roast. Store whole beans in an airtight container and grind for each use. Coffee deteriorates quickly and you should use it within 10 days. Waverly s is committed to providing you with the freshest coffee and we proudly print the roast date on each bag.

Naturally Decaffeinated Coffees
In addition to delivering the freshest coffee possible, it is very important to us to provide a chemical free decaffeinated coffee. Most decaffeinating processes use chemical solvents, such as methylene chloride, to decaffeinate coffee beans. The SWISS WATER® Process is a 100% chemical free coffee decaffeination process that results in a great-tasting decaf. Yes, it is possible to get a rich, flavorful cup of joe without the caffeine and chemicals! Visit http://www.swisswater.com/decaf to learn more.



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