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Custom Blending
[Your Name Here] Espresso
The most enjoyable part of our job is developing a proprietary blend with our wholesale customers. We are able to develop any taste you wish for. Do you prefer a bold, rich, creamy espresso? Or is your taste preference for a sweet and drinkable straight shot?
Do you want insanely strong coffee or more of an easy-sipping blend? You know your clientele the best and we are able to custom blend a taste that appeals to your area.
It would be our pleasure to assist you in creating a custom espresso and/or drip coffee for your business.
Order Packaging
As a wholesale roaster, we roast our new crop 100% Arabica beans, by specific orders only. We roast beans in small batches and blend as appropriate, after roasting.
Our premium coffees are packaged and sealed for freshness within minutes of roasting. We use a high-quality one-way valve in each bag to ensure freshness. (After roasting, coffee will emit carbon dioxide and the one-way valve allows the coffee to degas without allowing oxygen in.)
Delivery Services
Our coffee will be shipped the same day we roast, for delivery anywhere in the United States.
We are able to personally delivery your order to the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene and surrounding areas. Soon we will have a weekly truck delivery to the Seattle area.

Waverly’s Coffee Offerings

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